Learning Skills Reflection

Responsibility- I think I’m going to get an S because I am not the most organized person because I forget to do my work sometimes but I still finish it.


Organization- I think I’m going to get an S because  I don’t manage time that well.


Independent Work- I think I’m going to get a G because I can work by myself but I forget to do my homework sometimes.


Collaboration- I think I’m going to get a G because I am good with working with others.


Initiative- I think I’m going to get a G because I like taking risks and trying new things.


Self-Regulation- I think I’m going to get an S because I need to go over my works sometimes and I don’t set a lot of goals or myself.

reflective post about school

I thought poetry was really fun, my favorite type of poetry was the limerick because they were kind of silly but they were really fun to make and I liked making them.


I also am very excited for the butterfly project we are doing in science, we are supposed to get some cats  (AKA baby butterflies that haven’t turned into butterflies yet) and watch them grow up into their full form wich are called Painted Ladies and watch them go through the stages of becoming a butterfly. If I get one I want to name it Yarn or Yarny because it’s a very weird name and I like it.

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Speech Reflection

For my speech my topic was why you should get a pet.

I chose this topic because I have a pet and I want EVERYONE to have a pet because they benefit lots of physical, social and emotional benefits.

I think I could have improved my timing as in I wish I could have added more to my speech because I feel like it should have been longer.

I liked my speech a lot because it was not to hard to memorize and I didn’t do too bad presenting it.

I used pictures to reinforce the points that I was making by adding pictures so people could see what I was talking about.

My Earth Day Pledge

Today is earth day and I am going to make a pledge to recycle more because I never recycle because the trash can is SO CLOSE!! But I should recycle more so that there is juts a little less waste going into the wasteland and more going into making something new. If we all recycled I think we could make the world a better place. 

We should also consider making compose to save the world more too, because if we don’t the world could get very nasty .

P.S Don’t litter!!!


My Easter weekend



On Saturday I went to my friend Sam’s  house for dinner and we had Chinese food, then I went home.

Sunday AKA Easter morning

On Easter morning I got out of bed and walked downstairs and did my Easter hunt, I finally found my Easter  stuff, I got lots of candy, a necklace and some lip balm.

Then we had dinner with just my family. It was yummy.


On Monday I didn’t really do anything until I went to skating at 3:00 until 5:00, and that’s all I did on my weekend.

What did you do on your Easter weekend?


SMART goal


Self- Regulation



independent work

In general I think my report card was OK but I could have improved most of my learning skills but I mostly should improve self – regulation or organization.

In semester two, I will try to become more organized in all of my classes, when I have homework I will remember to do it and hand it in on time, to help me do this I could come home each night and check all of my google classrooms and my calendar shared with Paige O.

Things I like.


Hi again and welcome to things I like.

Today i’m talking about stuff I like.


I like animals, you probably already know this but i’ll say it again. My favorite animal is actually a cat because they are soooo cute and cuddly but other animals are cool.


I also like food, mainly pizza because it’s really yummy especially pepperoni but other foods are yummy too.


I also like candy!!! Because well… It’s DELICIOUS!!!!! Duuuh. I can’t even have a favorite candy.


I like my friends because they are awesome and fun and nice.


I like my cats because they are cute, nice, cuddly, fuzzy and they don’t hiss at me when I pick them up.


I also like sports, mainly figure skating, volleyball, basketball and skiing. I also play lots of other sports but I don’t favorite them that much.


I also like video games like minecraft where you can build things and play with your friends and go on multiplayer games like survival games and it’s sooo much fun!!! I also like playing terraria because it’s got lots of stuff you can do and it’s really fun, I also like lots of other video games like colour switch, crossy road, piano tiles 4, neko astume and much more!!


I also like the internet because without it I wouldn’t be able to play lots of games or use youtube and watch my favorite youtubers or be able to use safari for all the questions I have.


I also like my family because what would I do without them, they mean sooooo much to me.


Thanks for listening.

Comment on what you like the most.

My Weekend

HI and welcome back! today I am talking about my weekend.


Ok so. On Saturday I had to wake up and take a shower and pack my stuff because I had to go on a trip to Winnipeg for a clinic!! I had to go to my school to get on a bus at 11:00 so that we could take a loooong drive to Winnipeg . So we got to my school and I got on the bus and sat next to Hunter. The windows on the bus were completely  frozen over with frost so we couldn’t see through them but if we blew on them or scratched the frost off then we could see a little. Anyways we were on the bus and we started driving I waved goodbye to my mom who was going to be driving behind us. we played games and sang on the bus until we got there. When we got to Winnipeg we went straight to the Wesmen  College to see the girls basketball team to play!! They won yay! and then we went shopping. I went shopping with Sam, Hunter and Ally. but we didn’t shop for a long time because we had to go to the silver city. But we couldn’t watch any movies because they were all at 7:00 and it was 6:00. So I bought some ice cream dots and then we left Silver City and went to McDonald’s to eat. I just had some fries and chicken nuggets and a drink. then we went to our hotel! I was assigned a room with Paige A, Paige W, Hunter and Maddi. We went down to the pool and swam for a little and then we went back up to our room and played some games and watched TV, our curfew was 11:00  but we talked in our beds until 12:30. I kept waking up because I was hitting my head on the wall but I had an ok sleep.


We got up at 6:00 because we had to get ready and pack up our things and then go down and eat breakfast at 7:00. When we finished breakfast  we got on the bus and drove to Wesman College for the clinic. They taught us lots of cool stuff it was really fun. Then we went shopping and then we had to go home😦.

How was your weekend?

Thanks for listening!!!:)